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Expert Resume Writer

A former Regional Director of America’s largest resume writing service will personally write your resume for a great price.

My name is Robert McDonnell. I have 17 years of professional resume writing experience. In my role as Regional Director, I hired and trained over 400 resume writers using a teach-by-example technique where I worked directly with resume clients throughout my career.

In addition, I co-authored a manual used to train resume writers at over 500 offices nationwide. For two years I wrote a career advice column for the “Military Press.” I also wrote columns and articles for other newspapers and served as the “resume expert” for the San Diego Union-Tribune at career events.

Unlike most online resume services that delegate your project to inexperienced writers, I will personally gather your information and write your resume. Call me at 1-800-565-3417.

How My Expertise Can Help You»

“Garrett got a job in less than 2 days when he used the resume you made him. So thanks!” Jacqueline Armstrong 3/6/12 (Garrett had been unable to find work since 2010)

“A couple of years ago I was laid off from an executive position with a national company when they closed our Scranton office. I thought I would have to sell my home and move away from my children and grandchildren if I wanted another management position in my field. But the resume Robert wrote for me paved the way for an ideal management job in my field, four miles from my home.” John Luczak 2/5/12

Everyone has certain strengths and weaknesses that they bring to their job search. My knowledge of acceptable formatting variations, keywords, applicant tracking software, and the resume screening process will enable me to get the most out of your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses. In addition to the information you provide, I’ll ask you several questions in a telephone information gathering session to make sure we cover the items that are most likely to show up on keyword lists for the position you are seeking. I’ll also develop an Achievements section that will lead your interviewer to a discussion of your most desirable qualities, if such a section is appropriate for you.

Don’t Sabotage Your Job Search»

Do you adapt your job objective and keywords to individual job listings? Do you expect the resume screener to figure out where you will fit into your prospective employer’s organization? Resume formats used to change slightly from year to year. But a combination of technological advancements and a downturn in the economy have made companies much more reliant on computers to screen out over 95% of job applicants. If your resume is designed to avoid the pitfalls, technology can help eliminate the vast majority of your competition. If not, you could be sabotaging your job search regardless of your credentials.